Alara Reborn

The violent plans orchestrated by Nicol Bolas have reached their cataclysmic zenith, as the five shards of Alara are now merged, with untold power and unspeakable chaos at every turn. In this unpredictable environment, where all entities are multicolored and where mythic beings can greatly affect the outcome, mere survival isn’t enough. To live another day, one must battle with unflinching intensity to rise above the madness and master this now grotesquely unified plane. Amidst this overwhelming carnage, can Alara truly said to be reborn?

Alara Reborn is solid gold -- the first-ever 100% multicolored Magic: The Gathering set. But there’s more to this set than bling. The new mechanic cascade allows you to fire off two spells for the price of one! The surprises don’t end there: Multicolored equipment appears for the first time, and a new twist on cycling will help you dig for the right answers to dangerous new threats!
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